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Corporate parties

Organization of corporate parties and other celebrations near Kiev

If you are looking for a restaurant for a corporate party in Kiev, where you would be able to enjoy nature and feel comfortable at the same time, then come to the PODKOVA restaurant.

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An organization of buffet table near Kiev will take at most 2 hours. You just need to choose a hall you like the most and confirm the menu with the Administrator.

What are the advantages of corporate parties near Kiev?

  1. A large area to dispose of as you wish
  2. Activities area (synthetic grass)
  3. We have a swimming pool
  4. We will choose a menu of dishes of European and Ukrainian cuisine specifically for your event with the help of the Administrator
  5. We can help you to organize additional celebration elements with our Event-manager
  6. There is a children's room, in case of a family party
  7. If you want to have an entertainment program, there is a scene at the restaurant
  8. 2 parking areas, so all the guests will be able to park their cars

Make your choice – banquet or buffet table?

The PODKOVA restaurant near Kiev has 2 halls where you can hold a corporate party for large and small companies in the form of banquet and buffet table:

  • «White Hall» - to 70 and to 150 guests (respectively)
  • French Hall - to 40 and 50 guests (respectively)
  • Outdoor terrace – to 30 and 300 guests (respectively)
  • «Fireplace Hall» - to 10 guests, for small companies

Buffet table format in Kiev is not so widespread as a banquet. But each of them has its own advantages.

  • Each member of your company will be serviced individually during the banquet
  • You can individually adjust the seating of the guests
  • You will accurately calculate the number of treats, so that everyone is sastified.

Buffet table format:

  • You will have a big party that is better than just a corporate party in Kiev
  • Event will be held in casual atmosphere
  • The price of an event is even democratic
  • Your guests will be more mobile and active

Who will run your event?

The PODKOVA suburban restaurants near Kiev has already had more than 1,000 corporate parties and we know all the details of servicing and organization of your event. Our Administrator, Event-manager, team of the Chef and 7 professional cooks, 4 confectioners, 5-10 waiters depending on the quantity of the guests will be there working for you. Security will control the event to prevent incidents.

We undertake all cares. You do not have to pay separately to a catering company for the delivery of food and services.