We are sure that you have already viewed loads of articles titled "10 Best Ideas for a New Year's corporate party in Kiev," or have visited a fortune teller to consult an event-organizer to choose.

Regardless of whether you have made plans for New Year corporate party or are just planning to start this process, we have 6 points for you to check.

  1. Is the event theme is seen in all its details? Regardless of whether your New Year will be held in Kiev or nearby, will it be in the Oscar or a classic style, you need to make sure that everything matches: invitations, program, contests, costumes, treats and gifts.
  2. A New Year corporate scenario has to be made to a nicety. All employees should feel comfortable. Ask a professional to prepare a few jokes and he/she will probably will need help.
  3. Presenter of the event. If you still hire a presenter, we recommend to check several times his/her previous works, comments and meet him/her personally to know his/her vision of a New Year’s corporate party. Never run in the process banal scenarios and worn out competitions.
  4. Have you taken into account the preferences of all the employees during the preparation of the menu? Choosing a location to celebrate a New Year’s corporate party is not the last challenge. You should also bear in mind that in every team there is a person or a group of people who has special needs for food, for example, allergic individuals or vegetarians. And even if not, you should not order, for example, only meat or vegetable dishes.
  5. Make the right calculation of food per person. You can do it yourself or with the help of a manager, for instance in our restaurant. It is not the first time we hold New Year’s parties and we know the optimum amount of food per person.
  6. Make sure that all the guests got home. Typically, corporate parties are accompanied by drinking alcohol, so call several taxis or other cars that would take them home.

If you have counted with all these points, then we congratulate you! Your event is sure to be at the highest pitch. If you missed something, there is still time to put right the wrongs. But remember that any party will take place easily, if you trust the professionals. Choosing the PODKOVA restaurant as a place of celebration of a New Year's corporate party, you avoid many troubles. Our manager will readily make the menu, taking into account all your wishes and manager-organizer will plan or adjust your New Year corporate party event-plan. We will take care of your party!