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Today, a restaurant hall rent for photo and video shooting is a widespread phenomenon, because not all studios can meet demands of the photographer on set design and background.

We have experience in preparing locations for Love-story filming, personal and thematic photo shoots, as well as for filming series and shows (team of up to 150 people).

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Why are we better than other photographic studios?

In the PODKOVA restaurant you may not only rent a hall, but also arrange a fun photo session in the pool or in the restaurant. And if you're filming a show or series, we can admit the whole film crew and all the trucks can be parked without a problem, that is simply impossible for the Kiev streets.

The PODKOVA restaurant is surely for you, if:

  • You are looking for a Shabby-chic interior for filming
  • You need classic style decorations
  • You want beautiful and bright plans in a not "worn-out" place

Are you looking for a location where you will not interfere with people accidentally caught on camera?

Let's go through the halls through the eyes of the photographer?

The restaurant has 3 halls and a large area where you can easily shoot a love-story, family photo session, bachelorette party photo session, etc. Let's start with the "White Hall":

  • Even in bad weather here is plenty of natural light for the most delicate and stylish photos.
  • High ceilings like in a castle.
  • Designer furniture in the restaurant will make your photo complement.
  • White hall, Shabby chic elements (a light Provence style, but more elegant).

The French Hall is on the second floor and is radically different from the previous one.

  • This is a room with a homely environment where you can gather your family at a round table, or just read a book. There is an entire wall of books. What else is needed for a smart shooting?
  • Cozy tones in each element of the decor. It is the best place to stay on a gloomy day.
  • An electric fireplace is just as warm as a real one.

Moreover, it is not the only room with a fireplace. The real open fireplace is in the "Fireplace Hall".

Making a photo or video filming in a cold weather is quite logical. But when it is hot, it is necessary to rent not only the room. In a hot season the PODKOVA restaurant provide the following outside locations:

  • Green area of ​​the restaurant + golf course
  • Small pond with a white bridge
  • Swimming pool
  • The legendary tree where hundreds of strong marriages were formed.
  • Swings with retro lanterns (in the evening)
  • An exuberant forest nearby, which will serve as a set design for filming

The restaurant rents retro lanterns for night shooting and a 2-meter high letters LOVE as the photo zone. For more details of the rent and the cost please contact our manager.

If you book a date and rent a hall for a photo or video shooting in our restaurant near Kiev, you can use 2 parking lots that can place cars and trucks.

You can also discuss the installation of additional equipment and light elements.

The cost of rent of the hall for TV filming is to be discussed with the PR-manager of the restaurant. For more details, please contact your administrator.