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New Year’s Corporate Party

The main factors of a successful corporate party in the PODKOVA restaurant


1. Delicious food and New Year's corporate party

Outside the Kiev City in the PODKOVA restaurant, there is unique banquet menu where are a lot of options beyond the standard meal, and we don't mean the typical dishes.

You will be helped by the restaurant administrator, taking into account your preferences.

The restaurant’s menu filled with variety of European cuisine - Mediterranean, French, Italian and Ukrainian. It combines the brightest examples of each culture –including pasta, minestrone, oysters, different types of meat and fish, cooked on the grill, in the oven or by the chef in the pan.

2. The Best Alcohol Beverages. 

There are rare types of Australian, Italian and French wine, Calvados, grappa, whiskey and other types of alcohol in the bar and wine list of the restaurant.

For corporate events the restaurant offers guests a cork-fee service, subject to a full room rental.

If you rent a hall* for your event, the cork-fee service will be active for the alcohol you bring with you.

* The hall is rented, if the amount of your order covers the amount of the required deposit valid in the hall.

3. Entertainment program

In the White Hall there is a stage for artists and a show program. Provided that your New Year's corporate party will have up to 70 people, in the hall there will be a place for dances and contests.

You can choose the French Hall for smaller companies - up to 40 people. There is place for dancing, and for competitions, all seats offer highly comfortable seating for guests.

For making thematic photos, we can install a photo zone, typically next the restaurant’s exit, in the lobby or in the banquet room. 

4. New Year's restaurant

Although the restaurant has been operating in wedding mode for most of the year, on 1st of December, PODKOVA makes a magical transformation: including a Christmas tree, garlands and elf figures. A snow blanketed courtyard completes this wonderful picture.

5. New Year's corporate cake and Candy bar

Traditionally, the celebration starts with an aperitif and Candy Bar, and ends with a cake.

The Candy Bar also includes sweets from the restaurant’s banquet menu. These are macaroons, profiteroles, meringues, marshmallows, marmalade and mini cakes. All of which can be made in the style of your event or in one specific color hue.

About cakes: in the dessert menu of the PODKOVA restaurant there are 16 flavors of filling. With your selection, our confectioners make cakes of any complexity:

• tiered cakes

• single tier cakes with high weight

• repeat the colors of your brand book on the cake

• reproduce the logo or other brand symbolic of your company

6. Satisfied team

PODKOVA restaurant knows –the good service is an essential factor in your holiday. Restaurant waiters provide personal corporate service: your glasses are always full, and dishes regularly substituted for new ones.

We are waiting for you in the PODKOVA restaurant celebrate your corporate party!