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The PODKOVA restaurant offers the possibility of organizing a team building inside or outside the restaurant.

Here you can hold the intellectual and creative teambuilding.

There is an outdoor playground with artificial turf and a swimming pool, where you can actively spend time and relax after the event on the territory of the restaurant, or to hold the event using these locations.

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We offer for rent 2 halls. Your choice will depend on the number of participants and type of activities.

The "White Hall" can admit 80-100 people in corporate teambuilding format. Another format of the event includes changes in the number of participants. You find yourself in a white room filled with lots of natural light which is conducive to a productive teamwork.

The French Hall can place up to 50 people. This room is in warm colors which creates positive atmosphere and with no pressure on people psychologically.

The French Hall has repeatedly held creative workshops and educational workshops.


The concept of «team-fun» is very similar to “teambuilding” in public understanding. It's just as a rope park, which is so often chosen as a way of "building the corporate spirit." In fact, it is a lot of work and sometimes it's better to hold a team building inside adding some activities that are called «Team fun» - entertainment, which indirectly contribute to the formation of personal and business relationships in the team.

The PODKOVA restaurant gives the possibility to carry out such activities in the open air near the restaurant. It is impossible to get lost there, but there is a place to go wild.

According to the format of the event, we are ready to provide:

  • Event-management services to help with organizational moments;
  • Banquet manager services to help you with a choice of dishes for a coffee break, buffet table or lunch / dinner
  • Rent of activities platform

Why should you go out of city?

Because there is nothing better for a team than to switch off from working moments and urban concerns. There will be only you and people you want to achieve your goals with and fresh air which refreshes the head of all superfluous thoughts.