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About The Restaurant

PODKOVA restaurant is a country restaurant. The best stories begin here.

More than five years ago our guests have begun to come here for taking vital decisions.

PODKOVA is the best place for making the most romantic dates; here men make marriage proposals. Every season more than a 100 couples choose us for celebrating weddings. This place even became some kind of a ceremonial site.

You’ll realize this as soon as you see our sunlit White room, warm fireplaces, tasty cuisine. It makes every dinner with you loved ones feeling cosy. You’ll feel the celebration in the air at once when you plan to make an important decision.

If you decided to visit our country restaurant 26 km far from Kyiv, for sure you do it on a special occasion. We’ve prepared a short, but diverse menu.

Here you can find French, Italian and Ukrainian cuisine, a lot of marine products (oysters, shrimps, etc.), meat courses. Our desserts are a specialty. They are a pride of our restaurant and are popular not only among our visitors.

PODKOVA restaurant is the best place if you have some important plans or just want to spend your weekend with your family. We’ll give it our best for making you happy.