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Summer Terrace

To our opinion, relaxing in the pool outside Kyiv is a great alternative to city festivals and urban recreation.

If also think so, PODKOVA restaurant can offer you a wide range of services.

We are separated from the dusty highway with a small woodland belt. Our restaurant will remind you a countryhouse owned by your friends perfect for recreation with children. It is an exquisite house with its own traditions. We have a small lake and a swing. Here you can arrange a holiday for children or outdoor evening dances.

Our big balcony is the main reason for visiting us during the warm months (of course, besides our cuisine). It does not open on dusty avenues, by-passers don’t see you so that you can enjoy the peaceful forest sounds.

So we are sure that you will enjoy such a rest outside Kyiv with your family.

Usually our outdoor performance stage holds approximately 10-15 people.

If you want to organize a staff party or any other little celebration and wish to somehow become separated from other visitors of the restaurant, then please pay check out our banquet pavilion which holds 20-30 visitors.

You are welcome to visit PODKOVA! Try out a new place outside Kyiv where you can always spend time with children!