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Our Team

The PODKOVA restaurant begins with people. We are a stable, professional team that serves over 150 events per year. This is more than 12,000 people per year.

Our waiters

Only male waiters work in our restaurant according to the classical standards of service. These are the people who feel the tastes of guests and recommend something that will please you, answer all questions and unnoticed for you will make the holiday comfortable.

Restaurant manager

A person in the restaurant who is responsible for your banquet table and event, for everything is served on time, for keeping a festive atmosphere and for this evening is remembered for a long time.

Our chefs

The Chef team consists of 10 people. They are waiting for you for dinner with their own specialties and are getting prepared for the holiday, so that it is not only fun, but also delicious.

Support staff

The people you see are not the whole PODKOVA team. You may be surprised, but 48 people gather here every morning. We all work to make you feel comfortable, and your holiday is the most memorable.

Book a date at the PODKOVA restaurant and we will provide you a carefree evening in a good atmosphere.

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PR manager 
Restaurant manager 

You are our guests, part of our team.
We are very grateful that you are always with us!