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Wedding catering is one of many specializations of the «PODKOVA» restaurant employees.

We know what a huge organizing work a bride and a groom should face with in the pre-wedding preparations. Although, they just want to enjoy the last days of their singlehood and devote this time to each other.

Tune in to the celebration, so that it becomes a sacrament and do not chase for wedding attendants, a good photographer, florist, banquet room.

Hold on! You have already got the right direction!

The «PODKOVA» restaurant will take care of your wedding organization.

We will realize the dream of an unforgettable "all inclusive" wedding for you:

  • The interior space will be fully consistent with the style of your wedding.
  • Our designers have already created unique and comfortable conditions for your ceremony.
  • We will provide high level services, ideal courtesy and efficient waiters.
  • The wedding hall will be separated from other rooms; if you want we can arrange a full closure of the restaurant for other clients during the banquet.

There is enough free space to dance and have fun after having tasted dishes.

The menu is always agreed with you, when the exquisite taste of dishes excellently meets reasonable prices.

Our restaurants managers are intelligent and loveable, so that you will be comfortable in discussing the wedding details.

A properly selected restaurant for a wedding provides the right atmosphere of the holiday.

Every detail of the future event will be carefully planned and perfectly implemented.

The «PODKOVA» restaurant will easy make your dream come true. We will take care of all the organizing activities, and you will just have to enjoy the holiday and remember every moment of this wonderful, bright and unforgettable event.