6 trends of wedding banquet menu in 2017

The decisive components of each wedding are: a place where it is held, the bride's wedding dress, entertainment and food. And if the selection of the first 3 depends on the newlyweds, then the 4th - only on the restaurant you are going to celebrate the wedding.

The PODKOVA restaurant has gathered the main trends of the wedding menu in 2017 as a hint to the newlyweds.

Homemade food from the youth of the young couple

It may be small hot dogs, grandmother's pies, summer berry sets, as if torn from the garden of the grandmother. Perhaps this may seem old fashioned, but the aperitif table will become a place for memories. Place a board with children's photos of the couple next to the table, where friends of childhood and relatives will find themselves with the newlyweds. They will surely find something to remember and tell about those times.

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Bar rack

Choose your favorite alcohol and put on an improvised bar rack. Give your guests the opportunity to make a cocktail. For special pedants and those who want to really feel themselves bartenders, offer a couple of tablets with recipes for alcoholic beverages.

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National or regional cuisine

The PODKOVA restaurant does not allow to come with your food, but we have a menu of a large number of national dishes and snacks made of regional products: southern seafood, cheeses from the West of Ukraine, vegetables from small local private farms. Also, there is a large number of national Italian and French dishes.

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Table in the style of a family gathering

Despite the fact that "family weddings" are less and less common because the newlyweds prefer the official format of the event today, it is this one with plates on the table that will help keep the atmosphere of ease. As on family gatherings, there will be dishes on the table with side dishes, snacks and salads, which waiters regularly replenish and clean if necessary. We advise to serve the main dish to each guest separately because it is elegant.

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No more standard candy bars

It seems that everyone is already tired of the same cupcakes, marshmallow, standard cakes. Choose a croquembouche, which is a pyramid of profiteroles in caramel, or a pyramid of macaroni. Take home the so-called "carnival treats": sweet cotton candies, popcorn of different tastes, churros, fast food type, but in stylish craft packaging envelopes. The manager will help you to choose the desired treat to your dream come true.

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The Wedding cake for ages

Fashion for classic wedding cakes abroad goes and now newlyweds cut, for example, a beautifully designed pancake cake (crepe cake). But when you are in search of inspiration, for example, on Pinterest, it is just impossible to stop looking at the art of confectioners. Therefore, in Ukraine this western trend will not be that popular for a long.

The PODKOVA restaurant advises you to choose a cake in mastic only if you want to have a virtuosic shaped cake. But if you are an adherent of light cakes, choose cakes decorated with fruits, ganache or decorated with glaze. The assortment of the restaurant has 14 fillings.

The main thing that should be adhered to is that you and the guests should feel comfortable, festive and tasty.

We, in turn, guarantee that we will provide all conditions for your banquet to be held at the highest level.

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