Candy bar. Sweet Table at your wedding.

A wedding candy bar and the aperitif buffet alternatives in PODKOVA restaurant.

Have you decided to choose an aperitif buffet or a candy bar for your wedding?

Candy bar

For some years there has been a tradition to offer a candy bar for the guests who are waiting for the newly-wed.

PODKOVA restaurant makes a candy bar according to the wedding theme. A treat which becomes a full-fledged part of the wedding stylistics is made from the general sweets’ range.

According to the conventional standards it’s recommended to provide each guest with 7-10 types of sweets.

Sweets can be conventionally divided by size: big and small.

It’s recommended to provide 1-2 pieces of big sweets per guest (like cupcakes, cakes, desserts). As for small ones (macarons, marshmallow, sweets) the amount shall be 2-3 pieces per guest.

In desserts the wedding theme can be represented with decorated cupcakes and their colour-grade, additional setting on cake pops and topical biscuits (e.g., in form of a diamond with the couple’s initials).

Small desserts visually shade the main colour of the candy bar. It’s important to select the required colour-grade of kisses, jelly, profiteroles and macarons.

Besides standard units in the banquet menu PODKOVA restaurant accepts individual orders.

Summer weddings with strawberries in chocolate, cinema wedding with popcorn, retro weddings with candy floss, tarlets with the favourite filler of your fiance, desserts in cups which you have eaten in Italy where your boyfriend has made you a marriage proposal. You can feel the taste of childhood checking out nuts with condensed milk or our home-made ice-cream.


Leave all stiff drinks for short speeches. Please offer your guests low-alcohol champagne or rose as an aperitif. Recently it is served with candy bar desserts all over the world, in particular, in Kyiv. Please offer a lemonade bar for children and the pregnant. It contains 4 beverages: estragon, pomegranate and citreous lemonade, mojito.

A delicate champagne buffet will be an unusual substitution of standard beverage serving.


Italian aperitif buffet

At a wedding the Italian aperitif buffet shall include cheese, meat and home-made bread right off the stove. In the banquet menu of PODKOVA restaurant such aperitif can be served with breadsticks with parma, skewer grapes with hard cheese, skewer baby Mozzarella with cherry tomatoes or delicate bruschetta with sweet tomatoes.

If you ever visited Italy you must have noticed that Italians always serve plates with vegetables so that everyone could have a snack with something fresh from the garden-bed. We also offer vegetable sticks with cheese sauce.


Mediterranean aperitif buffet

If the word “Chinook” is not a simply a set of sounds, and the word “brudet” sounds like music treat your guests to Mediterranean cuisine as an aperitif.

All snacks are selected according to the principle “light cheese and a lot of marine products”. From the menu of PODKOVA restaurant one can choose the following courses: tiger shrimps right from the grill, skewer Mozzarella with fleshy tomatoes, light canapes with bread and sweet pepper, mild-cured salmon or salmon roe.

Treat your guests to a platter of marine products and vegetables. A cheese mix and an elite meat platter are served with rose or white wine.

Please keep bruschetta in mind, although they are from Italy. If served with shrimps and green asparagus they become a marine snack.


Vegetarian aperitif buffet

With the menu of PODKOVA restaurant it’s much easier to choose snacks and main courses for vegetarians.

Offer them a fruit platter and skewer vegetables.

It is even easier to choose the meals for lacto-vegetarians: treat them with profiteroles and cheese and spinach mousse, skewer grapes with hard cheese or baby Mozzarella with cherry tomatoes. Of course, don’t forget about bruschetta with sweet tomatoes and Mozzarella.

Selecting treats that will suit most guests is a rather pain-staking task. But well-planned events, in particular, snacks for guests during breaks mean that everything is under control.