PODKOVA restaurant has several locations for the photo area.

You can choose from:

1. Outdoor photozone

2. Photozoneon the balcony

3. Photozonefor the wedding at the restaurant

4. Photozone in the banquet hall

Outdoor photozone

So you can choose among 4 photo areas: near the swimming pool, at the ceremonial stage, on the swing and on the balcony.

You can use a banner, bands, veiling cloth on the trees, a photo property including designer sofas, other interior provided by our scene designers.

If you like antiques you can choose vintage lanterns for decorating swings, photo walls or banners.

Photozone on the balcony

On the terrace one location is usually chosen for the Photozone among the two, although we don’t limit you.

We recommend you to choose one of the parts of the balcony near the aperitif zone as a photo area. One of them may be “hidden” from brief looks of by-passers, but everyone will notice the second one.

Press walls, banner, designer’s furniture, Polaroid frames, slates with signatures or a wedding hashtag, flower or balloon walls, flower and leaf curtains, paper setting (flowers, garlands etc.) are also used here.

Photozone inside the restaurant

Usually the Photozone inside the restaurant is made during the cold months, although sometimes this is also made for summer holidays. You will be one step ahead in your arrangements if you keep yourself out from fussing and make the Photozone in the restaurant hall during the warm months (e.g., in June or September with unstable weather).

Orient on the stylistics of your event and we’ll show how it was before.

E.g., one couple celebrated an anniversary of their wedding and made a Photozone in form of a tree. This symbolized their love which becomes stronger.

If the Photozoneshould be interactive it will be set in the area of the aperitif buffet. Our contact wedding agency regularly makes photo areas with a slow-motion video.

Photozone in the banquet hall

A Photozone in the banquet hall will be inconvenient both for guests and waiters.

But you can use the stage as a Photozone if you don’t have a show program.