Wedding anniversary in PODKOVA restaurant

For how long have you been married? For 3, 5 or 10 years? Now celebrating a wedding anniversary is another benchmark in your common calendar. It’s unlikely that you will recollect everything that happened during your coupledom, but you’ll look in the eyes of your beloved and be sure that this is not a coincidence.

PODKOVA restaurant offers you three celebration choices.

Family circle

You invite your friends or loved ones. There’s no need to make a lot of preparations, only a pair of tables in the White or Library room, a festive setting, good mood and tasty meals. This does not double your wedding day, but serves as a celebration of another year of your coupledom.


Please look at your beloved. Yes, you have experienced good or bad moments of your life together and feel each other in the same way as before. Your relationship is a secret and a small island which the closest people are allowed to enter and then seldom. So celebrate your wedding anniversary together with your beloved. You don’t need anyone to make a declaration of love.

Book the date at PODKOVA restaurant a few days beforehand and you will have dinner with your beloved at a place where garlands shine a bit brighter for you and dinner is prepared according to a specially selected menu.


Maybe it’s worth recollecting when you gathered all your friends, worn fine clothes and your guests delivered wedding speeches?

Flowers and candles in the hall, your favourite music, the air left only in memories, but now you are wiser and stronger and have more doubts were to celebrate your anniversary.

Why PODKOVA is a perfect choice for celebrating your wedding anniversary

  • PODKOVA restaurant is for people who can take on the world today, but tomorrow will become the best family men who are always ready to have a walk with their loved ones. And so on.
  • White room for 70 guests and Library room for 40 guests
  • Shabby chic restaurant design which looks festively even without efforts of decorators. But additional touches will make your holiday special
  • Diverse European cuisine
  • A balcony for aperitifs and chatting with guests
  • A synthetic grass ground for activities
  • A summer swimming pool