Why it is a good idea to organize an outdoor ceremony in the restaurant?

Please, contact our manager for more details by phone 067-432-44-22 or meet us in person at the restaurant from 12:00pm to 10:00pm.

Each couple allocates its own advantages in organizing an outdoor ceremony. We believe that the most important for you are the following:

  • Ability to create the right atmosphere for you
  • Lack of standard premises of a Registry Office and their limitations
  • No tedious waiting in a Registry Office
  • A beautiful place to say vows and, as a result, beautiful photos for memory
  • Decorations, arch, flowers and all in the theme of your wedding

Choosing the PODKOVA restaurant for an outdoor ceremony near Kiev, you get all the above advantages. And even if it rains, you will still have a magical ceremony, just in another place.

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Places to hold an outdoor ceremony at the PODKOVA restaurant

A ceremonial platform is the main place we offer. It is visually the most spectacular.

Also, next to the Ceremonial platform is our legendary tree, under which you can say vows. It is decorated and turns into a truly magical zone.

Some people prefer to hold an outdoor ceremony on the summer terrace, placing an arch there and adding wedding theme elements.

In the winter or on a rainy day, you can have an evening ceremony in the Library Hall on the 2nd floor.

When holding a ceremony at the PODKOVA restaurant:

  • You will be offered a decorative arch

The PODKOVA restaurant offers to rent an arch of vine and an arch of jasmine. They both are universally beautiful and will suit the theme of most weddings. Details of the rent you can find at the reception.

The rent price of the arch of vine is 900 UAH; Arch of jasmine is 500 UAH.

  • You will have serving waiters during the ceremony

If the script before the ceremony provides a champagne pyramid, a buffet table or other entertainment, the waiters will help guests choose snacks and will offer them drinks. After the exit ceremony, they will serve you and all your guests glasses of champagne.

  • In case of bad weather, you will always be offered alternative options.

If your holiday is held in the White Hall, then the outdoor ceremony may be held on the summer terrace or in the lobby of the restaurant. You can rent a banquet altana for an extra fee (10,000 UAH) or the 2nd floor (30,000 UAH), where beautiful ceremonies are held. Your holiday will be unforgettable!

Contact our manager or write on the page of the restaurant on Facebook for more details of the organization of an outdoor ceremony near Kiev in the PODKOVA restaurant.