If you are planning a wedding dinner, in addition to the choice of the «PODKOVA» restaurant, you will need to think about seating guests, because they all should feel cozy and comfortable at your wedding.

Many people do not pay due attention to the seating of guests, even though it will help you avoid embarrassment and silence at the table.

Below, we share with you the 10 basic principles of seating guests, if you take them into account when planning your wedding, then you and your guests will have pleasant and good memories of the evening.


Seat your close relatives or best friends closer to the table of newlyweds, they will appreciate it, moreover, it will be easier for you to communicate with the guests.

Note that wherever a guest is sitting, he/she must see you well. It is better to seat familiar people close to each other as have something in common to talk about.

Present each other the people who do not know each other to avoid embarrassment.

Especially funny guests should sit at a distance from each other so they can "entertain" every table.

Do not seat single people among couples; perhaps he or she will not hit it off.

If you have a lot of guests, take care of the seating plan and seating cards so that no one will be confused.

The interests of the sitting next to each other guests should be at least the same, so they have something to talk about.

Guests with children should not be seated too close to the audio equipment; they also should feel easy to leave the table, if necessary.

It is advisable to mix friends and colleagues to avoid separate companies and to make all the tables communicate. But at the same time try not to seat only unfamiliar people at one table. If you have already decided how to seat the guests, it is time to start preparing the wedding entertainment program in the «PODKOVA» restaurant.