Wedding cakes in PODKOVA restaurant

The weight of the wedding cake shall be based on the number of guests at the wedding (we recommend 120-150 g per guest). So a 5 kg cake is required for a wedding with 35-40 guests and an 8.5 kg - for 50-70 kg.

If you have a certain idea about the appearance of your cake then please note that the weight of a two-high cake is calculated from 5 kg and from 7 kg for a three-high cake.

Also please consider the meal for your guests before cutting the cake. If it was a generous feast then such calculation of weight per guest will be enough. If you have arranged only a wedding reception standing then the cake can be eaten quickly. So it’s worth ordering a larger portion.




Choosing the cake appearance

Consider the wedding theme and your interests.

If you want a high cake, but decided to gather only your close friends and relatives, here’s a small trick: Order a cake with a dummy. It’s an inedible part of the cake which is coated with gum paste or cream to make it higher. You will have a fascinating cake at your wedding and there would be still a few pieces left.

The cake setting

Confectioners of PODKOVA restaurant decorate cakes using modern technologies based on the latest trends.

Wedding cakes are made with gum paste, with open design, coated with sparkle or cream, decorated with pictures, figures or even with an image found by you in the Internet.

Usually cakes are decorated with flowers in the spirit of your wedding or seasonal berries. Both will make your wedding cake looking harmoniously.

Also your cake can be decorated with a wooden topper or gum paste figures. But we recommend you to choose the cake setting in time, because it takes 2-3 days to make them.





Confectioners of PODKOVA restaurant have prepared a set of fillers which consist of classical cake designs and modern tastes. Among them you can find:

1. Faure blanc - a sponge cake with a butter and milk cream and fruit pieces

2. Faure noir - chocolate sponges with butter and chocolate cream and sour sweet cherry.

3. Pistachio and strawberry - pistachio sponges with strawberry coulis soaked with peanut butter cream

4. Blueberry and yogurt - sponges with layers of blueberry coulis and yogurt cream

5. Vanilla and cherry - vanilla sponges with the layer of cherry mousse and raspberries and blueberries.

6. Pear - chocolate sponges soaked with butter cream, white chocolate and layer of pear coulis

7. Cheese cake - thin sponge cage with Radomer cheese, base - Buko cheese cream 

8. Coco and mandarine -  cocolait-based sponges with butter cream and pieces of mandarine

9. Chocolate with raspberry coulis - chocolate sponges with a layer of raspberry coulis

10. Prague cake - chocolate sponge cake soaked Cointreau liqueur and apricot syrup with coffee and butter icing

11. Opera - Gioconda sponge cake with creme de cafe and ganache

12. Vanilla slice - classic crispy Hofbrau beer-based dough soaked with scalded cream and white chocolate

13. Honey pie - blossom honey-based choux pastry soaked with butter-and-sugar-and-sour cream

14. Esterházy - chocolate and almond sponge cake soaked with butter cream and cognac.