Questions to the receptionist

We decided not to publish the general information about event arrangement at PODKOVA restaurant. Instead of this we hired our contact event planner Karina to ask the receptionist all questions which she usually asks when arriving with a couple.

Karina. So, let’s start. Suppose we have a couple: Andriy and Khrystyna. The wedding will be in the beginning of November. Will you be present on that day or we shall coordinate our actions with another receptionist?

Receptionist. I will be the master of your holiday. Please discuss all updates, conditions and other issues with me.

K. I see. We plan to invite about 50 guests to the wedding. What room would you recommend?

R. We have a White room which holds up to 70 people if there is a classical seating chart. The Library room may be cramped for you because it holds about 40 guests providing that they have a small show program.

K. What is the average bill per guest?

R. It’s up to 1000 hryvnas. But please note that our restaurants provide weekend deposits. The deposit details can be discussed after choosing the final date.

K. May we bring our own alcohol?

R. Yes, you may, but it is covered by a cork-fee system, i.e. you pay for each full-aged guest.

K. OK. May we bring our own food?

R. We prepare the banquets very responsibly, so there’s no need to bring your own food, cakes, in particular. We have a great confectionary with a wide range of fillers. Confectioners will make any setting on request. Our fruit and vegetable suppliers are rather reliable. They timely supply us with high-quality products.

K. By the way, there was a restaurant where guests could bring their own fruit. I don’t remember, but it seems to me that the fiance’s mother was responsible for this. So she had forgotten the fruit and the aperitif buffet looked rather emptily. OK, let’s continue. How about a travelling ceremony?

R. Yes, we provide such service. It can be done in the Ceremonial area under the tree or your archway. If the weather is nasty the ceremony will be held on the balcony or in the banquet hall. All your decorations will be brought there so your guests will be protected from poor weather conditions.

We have a ceremonial green archway for lease so that you can reduce your transportation expenses. Also we offer you LOVE letters for lease as a Photozone and vintage lanterns for evening photos.

K. I see. But to return to the room, please tell me what tables do you have?

R. You may use our standard rectangular tables or our contractors have round tables for lease.

K. OK. Our newly-wed would like to have round tables. Does your restaurant provide any fabric tissues and table-cloths?

R. All table-cloths, tissues and skirts are white and provided with our tables. But we don’t insist on using only our fabric, so your decorators may bring their own one.

K. Do you have any other nuances which are required for our work?

R. As for the service, it’s provided at extra charge and is 10% from the total banquet price.

Also we have a standing rule: we allow you to decorate the restaurant according to your conceptual design. But please don’t move any interior elements and the setting of the restaurant.

We host many banquets and prepare thoroughly for each of them. So for fruitful co-operation please approve the menu 10 days before the event and let us know about the number of guests at each table at least 2 days beforehand.

This is the main information about PODKOVA restaurant. But we are sure that every wedding is special and requires an elaborate preparation.  So if you have any other questions please contact us via phone 067-432-44-22