Свежее спецпредложение для молодожён «READY-WEDDY»
26 April 2018

До 30.06 в ресторане PODKOVA для молодожён, которые почти выбрали дату своей свадьбы, будет действовать спецпредложение «READY-WEDDY».

Ресторан PODKOVA участвует в съёмках 4 сезона «Одруження наосліп»
1 February 2018

Если Вы ещё не успели побывать у нас в ресторане, но хотите увидеть наш Белый зал, когда в нём проходит выездная церемония, тогда предлагаем к просмотру 1 эпизод 4 сезона «Одруження наосліп».

Ресторан PODKOVA на новогодних каникулах
27 December 2017

С 1.01.18 по 12.01.18 ресторан PODKOVA будет на новогодних каникулах.

That is why since December the 1 st in PODKOVA restaurant there is a photo zone – place for a photo at your corporate party.
7 December 2017

Сelebrate the annual achievements? Congratulate employees on the New Year? Or thank them for their work? Whatever you do, each of these moments should be with a New Year's photo.

On November 1 booking of dates for New Year's corporate parties gets started.
31 October 2017

In PODKOVA there is an opportunity to organize banquets for 70 guests and fourchette for 100 people in the White Hall. Also in the Library hall banquets are organized for up to 40 people.

Business hours of the PODKOVA restaurant
3 October 2017

From the 2nd of October the PODKOVA restaurant is open only on weekends.

Special food delivery for residents of the "Golden Gate" and "Obriy" towns
19 September 2017

Since September 25, the PODKOVA restaurant will resume the delivery service.

Fresh summer ice menu
11 July 2017

In PODKOVA appeared summer ice-menu.

An important reminder: the PODKOVA restaurant has a Summer Scrinned-In Patio
7 July 2017

It means that for 290 UAH you can spend the whole day on a sling-chair near the pool. No limits. Cost of a towel rent is included.

Free bonbonniere for every guest at your wedding!
22 June 2017

As part of the offer #небудничнаясвадьба, you get a free lemonade bar, a LOVE photo zone and a bonbonniere for each guest. It’s a gift from the restaurant PODKOVA

5 bonuses for those who are comfortable with the wedding on a weekday
9 June 2017

You have just applied to the Registry office and have no idea which restaurant to choose? Or, maybe you have one, but the hall is already booked for the date you need?

A photo zone rent is available at the PODKOVA restaurant
24 May 2017

Since May 22, a photo zone for your event can be rented at the PODKOVA restaurant.

Adults have holidays. What are children supposed to do?
16 May 2017

During events and banquets in the PODKOVA restaurant, children will certainly find something to do and will not be left alone.

About wedding cakes at the PODKOVA restaurant
11 May 2017

The PODKOVA restaurant employs a team of confectioners led by Dmitri Dudarenko, the pastry chef. They will make a wedding cake according to your layout and according to your wishes, and will offer a variety of sweets for a sweet table.

If you are looking for a small room for your cozy wedding ...
26 April 2017

For those seeking to share the wedding only with the closest ones, the PODKOVA restaurant offers to choose the "Library Hall”. This room accommodates up to 40 guests. In addition, there will also be a place for a dance floor and a small concert program.

A novation at the PODKOVA restaurant: a champagne pyramid
25 April 2017

Since 2017 in the PODKOVA restaurant you can order a champagne glass pyramid for a wedding, corporate or birthday party.