If you are looking for a small room for your cozy wedding ...
26 April 2017

For those seeking to share the wedding only with the closest ones, the PODKOVA restaurant offers to choose the "Library Hall”. This room accommodates up to 40 guests. In addition, there will also be a place for a dance floor and a small concert program.

A novation at the PODKOVA restaurant: a champagne pyramid
25 April 2017

Since 2017 in the PODKOVA restaurant you can order a champagne glass pyramid for a wedding, corporate or birthday party.

The PODKOVA restaurant knows what will be in the Easter basket
12 April 2017

Did you know that it is not the Easter male rabbit that brings the gifts to the children in the basket, but the female rabbit? There is nothing to be surprised! She, being a mom, takes care of all the babies.

The outdoor ceremony at the PODKOVA restaurant!
21 February 2017

Celebrating a wedding at the PODKOVA restaurant you have a unique opportunity to organize an outdoor ceremony.

Peculiarities of a wedding banquet in PODKOVA in 2017
17 February 2017

The PODKOVA restaurant is already actively holding weddings this year. We want to make this holiday not only beautiful and delicious for you, but also comfortable.

You will have a wedding of the year in the PODKOVA
2 February 2017

This year, the Pantone chose Greenery to be the color of the year, i.e. pale green. So, a trend of this year is green and all its variations.

Announcement of children workshops
24 January 2017

From January 22, 2017, the PODKOVA restaurant will hold thematic children's workshops on Sandays.

The richest in vitamins dishes on the menu
18 January 2017

You go to a restaurant and want to be sure that everything you eat is useful and at least tasty.

It's time to start a new life, dear friends
11 January 2017

The PODKOVA restaurant is already open. We are waiting for you from 12:00pm to 10:00pm every day and invite you to start this year tasty and healthy.

Emergency preparations for the celebration of the New Year 2017
27 December 2016

This Christmas tree on the photo is already ready for the New Year! And what about you? Why not yet?

Our hearts seek changes… As well as our eyes and children’s room
17 December 2016

We have been thinking about it for a long time and have finally made it. The PODKOVA restaurant had a complete reboot of the children's room.

Christmas Lenten menu at the PODKOVA restaurant
2 December 2016

If the Christmas Lenten is something new for you and it seems to you that no place can serve you the right food, then we want to invite you to PODKOVA.

Our first list of errands for this winter and a little secret from the Chef
23 November 2016

Get the warmest blanket rugs and the coziest sweaters, large cups and cans of cocoa! The serious colds are coming.

The PODKOVA Restaurant switches to winter working schedule
9 November 2016

Since November 12, the suburban restaurant PODKOVA switches to winter working schedule. Now the restaurant starts work at 12 pm and ends at 22 pm on weekdays and on weekends.

What did Timur say about the children's Halloween in the Podkova?
2 November 2016

On the 29th of October, the children's Halloween festival was held in the PODKOVA restaurant. The restaurant team did their best and put all the soul into preparing the holiday, that is why we cannot be objective to put rates.

Halloween в ресторане «Podkova»
25 October 2016

29-го октября ресторан «Podkova» устраивает «Halloween» вечеринку для самых маленьких и чуть постарше.