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Salmon tartar in the «Podkova» restaurant
14 September 2016

We do not like when food is tweaked. It is unprofessional to make an ordinary salad and serve it as an exquisite French dish. Besides oneself what is worse.

The "DPT" weekend plan with children in the suburbs of Kiev
6 September 2016

If you have decided to go out of city with children, then you should plan these days rationally. So that you also have rest, and the children do not get bored. That is why we have a "DPT" plan for our young guests.

Order your special cake at the PODKOVA restaurant
31 August 2016

The PODKOVA restaurant gives you the opportunity to order a cake for a special event in your life!

Wedding photo zone at the PODKOVA restaurant
17 August 2016

If you have not decided yet how to arrange a photo zone at a wedding or want a Love Story video in our restaurant, then we have two favorable offers for you.

Night Wedding at the PODKOVA restaurant
9 August 2016

At night, everything acquires new colors. Moments become brighter and the usual feast becomes a real fun.

Romantic dinner at the PODKOVA restaurant
3 August 2016

Summer evenings are particularly romantic. The colors become soft, the rays of the setting sun frame the branches of the trees, the air is fresh, you can get a lungful of fresh air and there is a desire to make this moment last forever.

Fish at the PODKOVA restaurant
27 July 2016

Considering that the cuisine at the Podkova restaurant is Ukrainian and European, you can notice some Mediterranean shadows.

Pet photo zone at the PODKOVA restaurant
16 July 2016

There is no fun without cool photos! No more photo cards at the table and same selfies, your album requires brightness!

Corporate party at the PODKOVA restaurant
8 July 2016

We create the most comfortable conditions for corporate parties in Kiev. If you are short of time to create a holiday for your colleagues, then our organization manager is ready to help you with solving this problem.

Summer pool parties
23 June 2016

The Podkova restaurant offers pool parties.

Бассейный сезон в ресторане PODKOVA
21 June 2016

Мы официально открываем бассейный сезон.

Special offer for summer corporate events
8 June 2016

Free use of the swimming pool for all the guests of a corporate event in the Podkova restaurant. We know that in the summer the search for a restaurant for a corporate part in Kiev is troublesome. Moreover, corporate parties within the city are not effective enough.

Summer at the PODKOVA restaurant
31 May 2016

We always listen to the opinion of our guests and do our utmost to make them visit our restaurant again. The "Podkova" restaurant constantly cares of its guests.

Ресторан «PODKOVA» готовит Пасхальные Корзины
27 April 2016

Каждый год мы традиционно собираем корзины для больших и маленьких компаний. На этот раз мы предлагаем Вам ещё и Сладкую Корзину.

Cognitive weekend at the PODKOVA restaurant
29 March 2016

We invite our young guests to the PODKOVA restaurant to quilling master class.

Great news for all young guests of the PODKOVA restaurant!
25 March 2016

We have developed an updated menu for children who will want to taste all the dishes.