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11 March 2016

The PODKOVA out-of-town restaurant invites you to take part in the raffle of gift locations for photo shoots on our Facebook page.

Meet the Cheese Fare Week at the PODKOVA restaurant.
10 March 2016

On March 13, we are celebrating the Cheese Fare Week and invite you and your friends to taste pancakes and take part in the festivities!

March, 8 at the PODKOVA restaurant
8 March 2016

Each lovely, mysterious and beautiful woman loves bright colors and colorful compliments.

The best smell of a new day is a smell of fresh baking!
5 March 2016

The PODKOVA restaurant bakes for you fresh bread every day.

St Day. Valentine at the PODKOVA restaurant
13 February 2016

On February, 14 at the PODKOVA restaurant invites all connoisseurs of feeling of love to a romantic dinner!

The best child's birthday at the PODKOVA restaurant!
23 January 2016

A Child's birthday at the PODKOVA restaurant is an occasion to perform the most cherished desires.

Meat days at the PODKOVA restaurant!
22 January 2016

Have you already tasted meat specialties at the PODKOVA restaurant?

12 January 2016

Celebrate your wedding at the PODKOVA restaurant and get a 20% discount on wedding banquet.

28 November 2015

Winter weddings have the richest wedding themes! At this season of year you have a lot of ideas to think about!

Dmitriy Dudarenko, a pastry chef-discoverer.
25 November 2015

The Pastry Chef of the PODKOVA restaurant Dmitry Dudarenko continues to impress with his skills and delicious desserts not by leaps and bounds.

20 November 2015

Если Вы ищете место для проведения корпоративного мероприятия, где Вы бы смогли провести время вдали от города, насладиться природой и с толком провести время, тогда мы будет рады рассказать Вам о нас.

Silver medal to the chef confectioner of the PODKOVA restaurant!
10 November 2015

The 1 International Food Festival BestCookFest-2015 took place on 4th-6th of November, 2015 in the framework of the FoReCH International expoforum of restaurant, hotel business and cleaning at the exhibition center "KyivExpoPlaza".

"Culinary show for children" master class
25 September 2015

On September 27, we invite you and your children to the PODKOVA restaurant to visit the "Tasty Cook's Workshop", as well as to take part in an exciting quest with mega-positive entertainers!

New Year's corporate party 2016
3 September 2015

The New Year is coming and the PODKOVA restaurant staff is already beginning preparations for the New Year holidays

Sea greetings at the PODKOVA restaurant
1 September 2015

Have you returned from your vacation by the sea? However, you are still there in the country of hot sun, turquoise water and delicious seafood with the heart and soul.

Autumn Wedding at the PODKOVA restaurant
18 August 2015

A wedding in a bright, golden, colorful time of the year has always been considered to bring luck and wealth to a young family. Of course, an autumn wedding can be an excellent theme for a stylish and unusual event