Actual Wedding Themes for 2019

The bride wants to emphasize the uniqueness of her wedding and will want to choose the theme that realizes that vision. Therefore, we would like to walk you through some of the most notable wedding themes that are trending in 2019, to help simplify this often-confusing choice.

Eco wedding

As the name suggests: green is the dominant color. Combining this with white and dusty shades, for contrasts which makes a perfect combo overflowing with greenery, a celebration inspired by nature. For the ceremony itself, couples are taking a cue from the natural landscape. With the nuptials being conducted near an iconic, beautiful tree. The perfect context for your loving vows. Enduring and strong.

Fine art

The essence of this theme is the pleasant pastel hues, elegance and classical elements. Flowing dresses and watercolor landscapes in the style of Monet - it's all about the Fine Art, the wedding style, being defined by a softness and lightness in its details.

Commonly, the entire dress or perhaps just the skirt is in this style, typically lifting colors such as gray, blue or pink.

Special attention in these themes is paid to the photos. Every position should be staged or planed with the couple’s emotion in focus. This theme is very much about attention to fine details.

Geometry and color

Intertwining of strict forms and delicate colors creates a new and peculiar style in the design of weddings in 2019. You can harness this theme using round, triangular or hexagonal arches within a field ceremony. Perhaps using hanging flower lanterns for decorating tables or the entire room.

Evening ceremony

Both beautiful and very romantic. Candles, festoons, glitter eyes and guests fascinated by a couple in the glow of a perfect sunset. What is there to add? These ceremonies are destined to leave an unforgettable impression.


A Moody style wedding is dominated by dark tones in its details. The main hues are plum and burgundy, black, dark blue and dark red.


This design style assumes young people are in the spotlight, and all the rest fades into the background. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Whatever style you choose, the restaurant PODKOVA will help you make your dream come true.

  • Дата: 05.03.2019