Ideas for a children's party in the restaurant

At first, decide on a restaurant: there should be bright rooms, nearby territory so that children can spend time outdoors, a children's room with a changing table, if there are the smallest guests among the guests.

Make sure to select a table for parents who will be on the holiday.

Ideally, if there is a script that involves a common theme, contests, thematic decor. This will create integrity for children and allow you to immerse yourself in the celebration.

On the street you can arrange tents with toys or games, thinker toys, photo zones.

To leave a good “aftertaste” - prepare both souvenirs for children and adults at the end of the evening.

If the child is already old enough with formed preferences and tastes, discuss with him what he would like. For example, if he has his favorite comics, heroes and cartoons. Imagine how happy would he be with the surroundings from this universe.

Invite only those children whom he wants to see, and not only because you are friends with their parents.

The menu should also include dishes in the style of a holiday. For example, a comic book hero loves donuts or pizza - be sure to add them to the table.

The hall in which you celebrate is better to close from the eyes of strangers - otherwise the children will be embarrassed.

Do not bring or “rent” animals for the holiday. Not only because this is not humane, but it will bring you and the managers of the restaurant only trouble.

Children love huge soap bubbles, balls and confetti. Feel free to include this in the program, but arrange the cost of cleaning with the restaurant.

Keep in mind that there may be shy children at the celebration - therefore, warn the organizers of the celebration and animators that the program should also involve them.

We are sure that you will be able to organize an unforgettable holiday for your children!

  • Дата: 03.09.2019