How to make an autumn wedding perfect?

Do not refuse a wedding in the autumn, even if you are worried about the weather.

We will tell you what to provide for in the preparation and prove how beautiful this entertainment is - an autumn wedding.

The weather. The PODKOVA restaurant always provides a plan B for the couple: if the ceremony was originally planned on the lawn - you can discuss with our managers the transfer to the terrace, to the garden house or to the hall itself. Do not forget also rugs for guests.

Choosing a place for a wedding you can order a tent. It is especially relevant if the space in the open air is very large.

Menu. Autumn is rich in vegetables. Add them to the table - they will go well with meat and fish. And on a sweet table, jam, muffins will look great.

Dresses.  Choose thicker fabrics and dresses with sleeves. Also this season interesting sets with a skirt or dress complemented by a jacket do not lose popularity. And the groom can pick up a checkered suit, accented bow-tie and buttonhole.

Décor. Autumn shades themselves are incredibly beautiful. Add saturated colors: orange, mustard, lilac, burgundy. Include dried flowers, leaves, tree and branches.

  • Дата: 20.08.2019