Special food delivery for residents of the "Golden Gate" and "Obriy" towns
Special food delivery for residents of the "Golden Gate" and "Obriy" towns

Since September 25, the PODKOVA restaurant will resume the delivery service.

You could have ordered meals before, but now we have organized delivery. Here you can order:

Lunch. Delivery of light meals for lunch. Cheesecakes, dumplings, salads, some hot appetizers and other dishes presented in the menu.

Fresh bakery. Delivery of white and black bread baked in a restaurant following the Belgian recipe. It’s baked every evening, so that in the morning you can eat it with peanut butter or natural jam.

Light dinner. Delivery of dinner at the appointed time.

Pie or cake for your little party. In the menu there are 2 pies: blueberry and apple, and 16 flavors of cakes, which are decorated according to your wishes.

We advise you to order dishes in advance. Breakfast – in the evening, so that you can get freshly prepared bread and dishes from the morning. Dinner – throughout the day from 12:00. We recommend cake ordering at least 2-3 days before your event. If you order an apple or blueberry pie, you’ll get it next day.

Orders are accepted by phone 067-432-44-22.

  • Дата: 19.09.2017