The 2019 Wedding Trends

A wedding is both a touching and exciting event. On this big day, everything should be perfect and, at the same time, beautiful, dignified and modern. Get inspired by these new wedding trends that couples obsessing over right now for 2019.

Let's start with number 1 – the round arch. Instead of the usual semi oval, the circle creates a modern fashion statement. Giving the event a fresh, celebratory atmosphere and presenting a variety of options for the design. You can decorate with vine and climbing plants, and of course, flowers.

№ 2 – the geometry. Following the previous trend, we would like to note that forms with corners are popular this year: a vase resembling a cube, a triangular floor lamp, peculiar designs –all of which will add novelty and style to your big day.

№ 3 – the Space. Stars, galaxy, sky and moon promises to be a hit this season. Blue-violet color theme for flowers, a projection of a starry sky –creating a mini-galaxy in the interior. Both extraordinary and creative.

№ 4 – coral. Sure, we always love a good sparkler exit, but the new send-off for 2019 - is in coral. In our next article we will share this theme with you in more detail.

№ 5 – photo session at sunset. Classically romantic. A dim light, warm tones and a special charm –the ideal setting for your photos.

№ 6 – the buffet. New innovations also extend to the food. Instead of the traditional feast, a trendy wedding of 2019 recreates the traditional buffet arrangement. A modern format enables guests to move and communicate freely as they indulge. Why not try offering placing the cuisine in zone and varying them by country? 

№ 7 – museum-Worthy Cakes. Wedding cakes are here to stay, but the look and style is evolving. Sculptural is the name of the game, with “torn off” edges and varying sized tiers—so much so, it’s almost hard to tell they are wedding cakes at all! Many are being finished with stunning designs, rich in color and texture.

№ 8 – succulents. Yes, these wonderful plants continue to make an appearance at upcoming weddings 2019. Now their popularity has passed into cupcakes. An edible version of these plants adds a twist people will remember.

We have shared a few of the upcoming trends of the wedding world, though for us the most important thing is to see the happiness in your eyes.

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  • Дата: 11.03.2019