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Service in PODKOVA: Rent a Restaurant for a Wedding
Service in PODKOVA: Rent a Restaurant for a Wedding

In Kiev and outside the city there are few restaurant complexes, that offer services related to wedding hosting. PODKOVA restaurant proudly provides this service accompanied by a unique wedding expertise, to realize your dream wedding day.

Reserving a date ensures privacy in your celebration - our restaurant is opened only for you and your guests.

By choosing us, you have exclusive access:

  • White hall for celebration
  • Scene for artists
  • Hall used as a hall for children's table and animators, for a wedding ceremony or room for organizers and contractors.
  • Swimming pool for summer activities.
  • Ceremonial zone, which can be used as a place for exchanging wedding vows or for activities if it is corporative event or a party.

For more information as to the price and to reserve a date, please contact: +38 067-432-44-22 or send use mail.

  • Дата: 26.06.2018